Fertilization and Weed Control Programs

If you are considering a lawn service program please take 3 minutes to read this page so you can decide if we are the right organization for your property. Our lawn treatment program is not like many of the programs that are offered by other companies whom apply template programs to your lawn. We believe in fostering long term relationships with customers who want results and we want to provide those results. You aren’t just another number and we don’t take on 1,000s of customers. We focus on quality rather than quantity and limit our lawn treatment program to a specific number of customers each year so we can be available to give full attention to the lawns we take care of.

We have a vested interest in your lawn and so it is our goal to get and keep your lawn in a fully healthy status. In order to do just that, we start by taking a soil sample of your lawn. This test tells us about the current state of your soil and lets us know what, if anything, needs to be done to balance the soil so that a healthy lawn can thrive. From there, we create a custom program specific to your lawns needs. Our customers agree to follow and adhere to our recommendations when it comes to watering and mowing their lawns whether they do it or we do it. Our program is unique to your specific lawn and thus we may need access to your water faucets and/or irrigation system control panel.

Did you know that granular weed control products only work if the granual actually sticks to the leaf of the weed? Your lawn must be wet when that specific product is applied for it to do what it’s intended to do. Did you know that the State Chemist requires all providers to blow off your walkways and driveways when they are done treating your lawn? How many times have you taken a walk and seen granuals/material in the street or on the sidewalks and driveways of homes after a provider has left? Did you know that most products used by most providers are Synthetic and thus may have various chemicals in them that could be carcinogens and could potentially harm your pets, children and loved ones? When you are older it wont matter if you had a weed in your lawn or if your grass was green, but it could very well matter if you used only synthetic chemicals to treat your lawn. Children and pets are active on a lawn and they can not only bring chemicals into your home from being out on the lawn but they can also absorb those chemicals into their skin. Did you know that if you wanted a Material Safety Data Sheet or a Product label for products used on your lawn that your provider is required to give them to you upon request? And, did you know that when your provider is finished servicing your property on any given day that said provider is required, per state law, to provide you with a receipt that outlines what products were used on your lawn and more specifically how much product and what the active ingredients in said products are?

Did you know that in the State of Indiana a Business using products on your lawn “For hire” is required by the Indiana State Chemist to have a valid 3B license? Did you know that if a business is applying products to your trees and shrubs that said business has to have a 3A license from the State Chemist if they are servicing “for hire”? This is irrelevant and aside of whether they are using organic, organic based or synthetic products. A provider must hold an appropriate license to service your property for hire. The State Chemist makes this mandatory to ensure that whoever is working on your lawn has been trained to use equipment and products appropriately and in accordance with label recommendations and Federal law and so that there is evidence that your provider is appropriately insured for the service. Both the 3A and 3B License expire December 31 of each calendar year and must be renewed each year.

Did you know that organic based products are not 100% organic and that at times they can include as much as 50% synthetic ingredients? We use 100% organic products whenever we can. In cases and situations where an organic based or synthetic product may be the only solution we discuss that with our customers first to educate them on why it may be needed and what to expect and what precautions, if any, are needed to be adhered to.

Science and technology is ever changing and to keep up with the latest knowledge and techniques we actively participate in continuing education courses so we can consistently provide you with the best service and results possible. If you are serious about your lawn and want to see results then you should consider having us take care of your lawn program. To us, you aren’t just another number but you are a valued customer with whom we want to maintain a long-term relationship with. Visit our Request a Quote Page and take the 2 minute questionnaire to get your lawn headed into the right direction.”