Soil Revitalization Services

We specialize in lawn refurbishing by conducting soil tests when necessary, adding appropriate soil amendments, dethatching lawns, core plug aerating, top dressing with organic compost,  and leveling uneven areas. Our services are set up with one goal in mind- delivering what we advertise we can deliver by meeting and exceeding our customer's expectations.

before lawn rejuvenation august 15 2020

First Things First

Our initial task is to determine why your lawn may be in the condition it is in. Basic explanations could include: Improper and infrequent lawn maintenance, pets, over/under watering, or an unhealthy soil analysis. Once the cause is determined we can create a plan to resolve the issue. 

Lawn Refurbishing Services

  • Although not required, a soil test is highly recommended. This provides an analysis of nutrients in the soil essentially highlighting what may be lacking or exceeding in the soil.
  • Dethatching- removing the top buildup of thatch that prevents water, air and fertilizers from reaching the root system. This reduces water runoff and increases water leaching into the soil.
  • Core Plug Aeration- alleviating soil compaction so roots can spread out, water can leach into the soil and so the turf can breathe. This also brings microorganisms to the surface of the soil which can help to break down thatch.
  • Organic Compost Top Dressing - helps change the soil structure, add organic matter to the soils, build up soil flora and help reduce lawn disease.
  • Overseeding and slit seeding with the appropriate grass types to match the unique conditions of the soil.
  • Creating and maintaing a correct lawn maintenance and watering schedule. Identifying how often to cut grass and at what height as well as how often and how deep to water the lawn.
  • Outlining a solid lawn fertilization and weed control program designed to feed the lawn, aid in soil amending and help to fight and control weeds as well as other lawn pests.
  • Stressing the use of organic products whenever organic products are available.